Elevate 5G Partners with DISH to Launch Groundbreaking Automated Testing Platform

In collaboration with DISH, Elevate 5G introduces a game-changing 5G testing solution, aimed at broadening access to state-of-the-art test tools across various sectors

Washington, DC, September 26th – Elevate 5G, in a strategic partnership with DISH, proudly announces the official commencement of its cloud-based automated testing platform, with Pente kicking off the inaugural testing. This initiative signifies a transformative approach to 5G testing, opening up the market to a diverse range of entities – from startups and enterprises to government agencies – ensuring that all have access to unparalleled testing tools.


“5G and OpenRAN have created an amazing opportunity to leverage our cloud capabilities and unique partnership with DISH’s world-class 5G lab. Through our industry-leading experience with modern cloud technologies, our team is completely disrupting the status quo of 5G testing,” remarks Kevin Schreck, CEO of Elevate.



Jonathan Schwartz, founder and CTO of Pente, echoes this sentiment. “5G SA private cellular networks are set to be game-changers in enterprise transformation, particularly in applications such as AI for Industry 4.0. In collaboration with our partners, Elevate and Dish, and their advanced 5G lab, Pente is committed to ensuring our entire product suite meets the most stringent carrier-grade standards.”

Pente’s focus remains steadfast on ensuring that their enterprise solutions are on par with high-capacity public networks in terms of quality and reliability. The partnership with Dish 5G and the innovative AWS-based testing environment developed by Elevate is a testament to this dedication. This collaboration provides Pente with a unique opportunity to rigorously test their cloud-based 5G SA core and orchestration solutions in an authentic 5G setting, equipped with advanced tools designed to emulate the most complex network scenarios.



About Pente:

Pente delivers cloud-based private cellular network core, orchestration, and management solutions, enabling swift deployment for LTE and 5G private networks. Catering to any industry, Pente allows entities to tap into the power of private cellular networking without the hefty price tag of telecom equipment or specialized expertise. Pente’s non-proprietary solution is compatible with any RAN infrastructure, boasting over 700 APIs that streamline deployment, monitoring, reporting, and management processes, paving the way for future scaling and innovation. Currently, the Pente platform oversees millions of IT-grade SIMs in devices worldwide. For more details, visit pentenetworks.com.



About Elevate 5G:

Elevate 5G, part of the Elevate brand family, specializes in the design, implementation, integration, and maintenance of contemporary cloud technologies for both government and private sector stakeholders. The Elevate 5G vision is to revolutionize the telecom arena, offering the ability to conduct tests on top-tier tools at a mere fraction of the current market price and timeframe.



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Elevate 5G
Kevin Schreck, CEO


Claudia Barbiero,VP Marketing

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