Dev(Sec)Ops as a Service

Software development has an agile mindset — security, on the other hand, does not. That’s where Elevate comes into play.


Security. We know how to do it right.

The goal of DevSecOps is to fill the gaps between Development and Security. At Elevate we make this a priority on Day One.

Here are the detailed steps we ensure your product is safe:

Why is DevSecOPs Necessary?

Success in technology hinges on your ability to quickly innovate without causing disruptions in production. No matter the maturity of your technology, adopting DevSecOps practices early is crucial. A strong DevSecOps approach boosts development speed while reducing security risks and bugs in production. At Elevate, our DevSecOps strategy sets you on a sure path to success, balancing immediate objectives with long-term scalability.


We understand you might have many questions. Technology is complex, but we’re here to assist. Feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us for a free review of your current setup, and we’ll gladly offer our expertise!


Why Choose Elevate?

We’re real people. Which is why each of our clients have become long term partners. We put people at the center and champion their ideas, and by doing that, we all win.


Here’s why our partners love working with us

We are not a one size fits all shop. We leverage best security practices and tailor them to the needs of your individual business. Elevate is a force multiplier for your technology, expediting development while maintaining stringent security requirements.

We have decades of experience implementing DevSecOps practices and bring that expertise to bear regardless of where you’re at in your technology journey. We work with startup to enterprise clients in a variety of industries and understand the challenges they face.

Elevate is with you for the long haul. Our team will work with you to assess your situation, develop a plan, and execute on it. And with our tailored Agile process, we continue to work with you to iterate and improve your DevSecOps practices and tooling.

Our Process:

Candid, Strategic, Built for Success

No surprises along the road. We’ve broken down every step of the process so that you know exactly what to expect. Take a look…

Ready to Bring Your Idea to Life?

Step one with Elevate is a zero-commitment Intro Call to understand your vision and constraints. By the end, you’ll be confident that you’re in capable hands, equipped with a clear project breakdown to set you up for success.