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We leverage cutting-edge technology to develop tailored solutions for a wide range of industries and use cases. Our expertise spans eCommerce solutions, Web Portals, and custom Enterprise Web Applications, among others. We assist our clients in navigating make-or-buy decisions, ensuring the integration of outstanding solutions to accelerate their time to market

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Solutions Developed by Elevate

The best thing about what we do is that no two projects are the same. Take a look a look at some of the different types of solutions we’ve created in the past. Looking for something else? We can do it! Simply reach out.


Web Portals

Self Service Portals
Patient Portals
Employee Portals
Government Portals

Home page services

Customer Facing Apps

Customer Service Apps
Ecommerce Web Apps
Advertising & Digital Signage Apps
Online Banking, Lending, & Payment Software

Product Design

Ecommerce Web Apps

Customer Service Apps
Ecommerce Web Apps
Advertising & Digital Signage Apps
Online Banking, Lending, & Payment Software

Agile Software Dev

Supply Chain Solutions

Inventory Management Software
Asset Management Systems
Fleet Management Apps
Order Management Apps

App Development Services Tailored Around You

Our tailored Agile Process is made to fit your needs, constraints, and culture. We can tackle any challenge and any point in the software development lifecycle.

Web Application Development

We specialize in a wide array of emerging technologies and wrap that in our tailored Agile Process to streamline delivery and adjust quickly to change. Our team has decades of experience in developing and delivering high quality web applications to nearly every sector. We match the technology to your needs and constraints to rapidly get the application in production and ready to scale.


Elevate’s expertise shines in this area with leading abilities to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for your web development project. We take pride in understanding not only your needs but also the needs of your target audience. This allows us to produce a responsive experience that directly correlates to higher user satisfaction as well as increased conversion rates.

Requirements Gathering

Our Process equips our clients with the ability to take an idea and break it down into functional requirements for implementation. We then take these requirements and break them down into tasks that are entered into the Backlog and subsequently inserted into a Sprint at the appropriate time.

Technology Selection

Your Elevate Architect will begin to match technologies to your requirements and constraints. Clients come to us with varying budgets and at all stages of the development process. Using a mix of open source and proprietary technologies we assemble a set of technologies that makes sense for your near term and short term needs.


Integrations are a critical piece to success in your web application. Utilizing existing functionality speeds your time to market and allows you to take advantage of community development. We specialize in using and creating integrations with 3rd-party systems that leverage modern best practices such as REST API’s.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our tailored Agile Process brings Quality Assurance and Testing into the process at the earliest possible time. The Elevate team develops automated testing and encourages our clients to get involved in the process. The sooner we find things the sooner they’re fixed and the impact of those issues is minimized.

Optimization and Ongoing Support

Once an application is deployed the fun has only just begun. Our team has decades of experience maintaining multiple environments to support Production and ongoing Development simultaneously. We’re also there as the needs of your users and the environments in which they engage change. We help you make informed decisions on the direction your product should take.

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